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Pur Projet

Partner since 2012

San Martín – Peru
Alto Huayabamba and Biocorredor Martin Sagrado projects

Tree icon2,000,000 trees planted in the Peruvian Amazon by 2020
San Martín – Peru

The Andes Amazon in the San Martin region of Peru has lost 40% of its forest land, covering over a million hectares. Biodiversity is under serious threat, and the soil has become impoverished. Crop yields are decreasing, and the populations have become pauperized. The mission of Pur Projet is to recreate the conditions for sustainable agriculture, particularly for small coffee and cacao farmers who have made the transition to organic agriculture. Caudalie supports Pur Projet to protect the Alto Huayabamba River area and to plant 185,500 trees of various native forest species, including 10% medicinal and floral plants. Caudalie is extending its commitment by enabling the creation of a medicinal species laboratory in the region of Ucayali in collaboration with the Shipibo, an indigenous people with ancestral knowledge of the plants in their environment.

Since 2016, Caudalie has also been committed to the conservation of 100,000 hectares of primary forest as well as forest regeneration by planting two million trees in total. This area was listed by UNESCO as a "Biosphere Reserve" in April of 2016.

Chiang Mai – Thailand
Dhamma Rakhsa Project

Tree icon100,000 trees planted in Thailand
Chiang Mai – Thailand

The preservation of community forests throughout rural Thailand is of prime importance. It involves restoring soils that have been devastated by years of intensive monoculture, in particular through agroforestry, the practice of planting trees within and around cultivated fields. Dhamma Rakhsa is a consortium of agro-ecological projects developed with small-scale farmers in the north and northeast of Thailand who are united in a series of cooperatives. The concept is to promote organic agriculture to help the farmers attain self-sufficiency and to enable their ecosystem to regain its resilience.

The objectives are reforestation and the maintenance of community forests, as well as the development of innovative agroforestry models combining silviculture with rice production. The diversification of sources of revenue and the self-sufficiency (alimentary, financial and energetic) of small-scale farmers are essential. Caudalie's support of Pur Projet has made it possible to plant 100,000 trees and shrubs since 2012. The young trees are grown in the Pur Farm tree nurseries and by the groups of small-scale farmers themselves.