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Yunnan – China
Xishuangbanna and Puer Project

Tree icon1,500,000 trees planted in the Yunnan province of China by 2018
Yunnan – China

From its snowy mountain peaks to its pine forests and rice paddies, the vast province of the Yunnan offers one of the most diverse and lush landscapes in the world, and it is home to the De'ang, Jingpo and Lisu peoples. Since the 1980s, the farmers there have converted nearly all their woodlands into rubber plantations – an area representing one-fifth of the Xishuangbanna and Puer regions – which has led to the deforestation of 60% of the Yunnan's primary forest. This has proved to be a true ecological catastrophe, not to mention the loss of a natural habitat for endangered species such as wild elephants. Today only 290 wild elephants remain in the region.

Caudalie is committed alongside the WWF in China to restoring 2,000 hectares of this forest ecosystem devastated by the monoculture of hevea, and to ensure an increase in sustainable means for subsistence for the local populations. In 2016, 350,000 new plants will be grown to rehabilitate the damaged plots of land and regenerate the soil.

Island of Sumatra – Indonesia
Tesso Nilo Project 2012-2015

Tree icon52,000 hectares of forests protected on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia
Island of Sumatra – Indonesia

Indonesia has the highest concentration of plants in the world, as well as a fascinating fauna. It's also one of the countries most affected by deforestation: 1.8 million hectares of forests are chopped down each year for the illegal wood trade, and farming lands are massively being converted into oil palm plantations. The WWF's missions in Indonesia are to combat deforestation (1/3 of the Tessa Nilo park has been razed), promote the production of sustainable palm oil, protect endangered animal species and encourage the diversification of economic activities.

Caudalie has chosen to support the WWF in this project and to help protect 52,000 hectares of primary forests, create 1,000 hectares of RSPO-certified oil palm plantations (a sustainable oil palm), and preserve the wildlife corridors necessary for the survival of 225 elephants, 130 orangutans and 65 Sumatran tigers, all endangered species.

Oaxaca – Mexico
Copalita Zimatán Huatulco Project

Tree icon1,000,000 trees planted in Oaxaca, Mexico by 2018
Oaxaca – Mexico

The 268,000 hectares of Copalita-Zimatán-Huatulco drainage basins in the state of Oaxaca are home to 26 of the 34 types of vegetation in Mexico. This unique region – which includes coral reefs, mangroves and dry forests – is essential to the preservation of the local wildlife, an exceedingly rich one in terms of biodiversity.

Caudalie supports the WWF's actions in Mexico, which involve reforesting and restoring 335 hectares of forest by planting approximately 300,000 native trees and plants each year. The project also strives to improve the farming and ranching practices of the area, and to support ten rural communities so that they may benefit from the ecosystem services that the forest can provide.